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Now it was a long time ago since I participated in a scrapbooking challenge, I have dedicated most of my scrapping to Swe Scrapbook but I have made creations to well into June there, so now I was really eager to make a challenge. When it recently became a new month, it is also fun to see the challenges that turns up in various blogs.

The first challenge that attracted me to scrap did I found at More Than Words, they have every month a major challenge where you should be inspired by a word and always include a creative challenge. In April, should you be inspired by the word Escape and of this image. You have also to describe how you was inspired by the challenge.

When I feel I want to escape, it’s to the sea I long, If I just spend a little time by the sea usually the desire will settle down. From the picture I was inspired by the open landscape but my open landscape is quite different, with ice and snow instead of summer and flowers.

När jag vill fly - scrapbooking layout by Helens Color Life

I wante to give the layout a light look because the landscape in the picture is bright and open. The title is probably the only thing I am not entirely satisfied with, it is my first attempt to hand-write a headline, and that with brush and watercolor paint. Well … with a little more practice, maybe I learn that too

Escape - details 2 - by Helens Color Life

Escape - details 1 - by Helens Color Life

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