Make full-page pictures in Picmonkey

When I start on a new Project Life album it has become a favorite to have a Full Page images on the first page, you can say it’s a magnification in 12 x 12 inches, here I show how to make full-page pictures in Picmonkey.

Make full-page pictures in Picmonkey

How to make basic edits to photos in PicMonkey can you read in a tutorial I have made earlier, it can be found here>.

Start by navigating to PicMonkys website, you can find it here and open the image you want to make a magnification of.

Step 1

Crop image

First you need to make the photo squarely because the PL albums are square, you have to cut what is on the outer edge of the image.

Click Crop and drag the corners of the bounding box over the photo to a square. To verify that the photo is totally square, check that the numbers at Actual Size is the same on both sides of the X (1). Click Apply when you have a perfectly square image.

Crop area

To make it easier to count I usually resize the image to a size that is easy to separate into three.

Förstoring_3 resize

This is done by clicking on Resize. If you have aa photograph that has a good resolution, taken with a real camera, usually the size of 3000 x 3000 pixels work fine. Enter the numbers in the boxes and click Apply.

Do you have a smaller photo try not to make it so much bigger because it is a risk that the quality deteriorates. Change the photo to any other size which is closer to the original size and still easy to split into three.

Förstoring_4 save

Text and decor in the picture

If you want to enter text or other to the photo, do it now, read how to do the manual here.

Then save the photo with a new name so that we have this square image, we will need it later. Check so that the image is saved as a JPG-file in the drop down menu next to the field where you enter the picture name.

Step 2


Now, the image shall be divided into six parts, each of which may be printed in size 6 x 4 inch. In PicMonkey they do not have guides so now we have to be a little tricky

Förstoring_5 del 1

The photograph shall be divided into two parts in width and in three parts on the height, if you uses the usual plastic pockets to PL. The images in the row in the middle may be divided into two when they are induced to make them fit the small plastic pockets.

Open the square photo and click on the Crop tool.

Förstoring_5 del 1

As the photo now is 3000 x 3000 pixels and it will split in two, the width of each piece should be 1500 pixels wide. When we divide the photo into three rows the height of each part shall be 1000 pixels. Easy to figure out when we resized the photo. Enter these numbers in the boxes at Actual Size (1) and drag the marquee to the upper left corner of the photo (2).

Click Apply, and you have the first image to be printed.


Save the image again with a new name, a tip is that the images can have the same name and numbered from 1-6.

Then open the square image again, as we saved in Step 1. To get to the picture in the upper right corner, follow the same procedure as above but drag the marquee to the upper right corner instead. Click Apply and save even this part with a new name.

Step 3


The row in the middle is a little trickier to get to but this can be done this way.

Start by re-open the picture that you saved after Step 1. This time we crop the photo two times.

Förstoring_6 steg3-1

Onces again, click on the Crop and enter 1500 in the first box, in the second box type in 2000, double the height towards what the end result will have. Drag the marquee at the top left corner and click Apply.

Förstoring_6 steg3-2

Once again, click the Crop and now enter the numbers we used from the beginning, 1500 x 1000 and drag the marquee at the bottom of the image.

Click Apply, and you’ve got the first picture in the middle row.

Förstoring_6 steg3-3

To get the second picture in the middle row, repeat the procedure in Step 3, but drag the marquee to the right in the first cropping. Then split the image height as the second part of Step 3.

Step 4

The images in the bottom row you crop in the same manner as in step 1 but drag the marquee ro the bottom corners and save each image.

Förstoring_7 klart

Now you have sex photo that can be sent to be printed. They might look a bit strange if you look at them one by one but this is how they look like when they are cut into six pieces.

When the photos are printed, just put them in plastic pockets and cut the images in the middle row in two and put in the small pockets.


Good luck and I hope this has been of help to someone. Please let me know if there is anything you do not understand or that does not work.

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