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Long walk for several days

On Friday, I went for a long walk in the woods in the village. During the night it had fallen a few centimeters powdery snow and it still tossed down a few flakes. It was incredibly beautiful in the woods and I and the dogs enjoyed the beautiful scenery that we had entirely to ourselves.

Långpromenad av Helen Thalen

The promenade runs both on trails and forest roads. Luckily runsnowmobiles in many places and packs the snow so it was good to go there. Total was the walk of just over 8 km but I took it easy and we were out about 2.5 hours.

On Saturday, it was bright sunshine, a fantastic winter day. After my husband trained search with the dogs, we went for a long walk on the lake.

It was wonderful to see the sun but it was a bit cold so it bit my cheeks when I went towards the weak wind. In the evening we was on a 55-year-birthday party at friends that we don’t meet very often so it was extra nice. We got a delicious fish soup, cheese and crackers, pastries and wonderful cake for dessert.

Today we went and trained with the dogs in a large greenhouse a bit from town. I trained rally obedience with Sally while my husband did some simple obedience moments with Nova. When we got home, I went the same long walk I din on Friday. Now it was noticeable that the weekend had been full of activities on the dogs. They did not run around and played so much.

I took a picture at almost the same place as on the walk on Friday. You see the difference on the trees where the powdery snow now has fallen off. Both me and the dogs are really tired tonight, but happy with life.

More weekendpictures can be found here.

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