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Over the weekend the whole family went to Luleå to visit our youngest son. On Saturday we where on an arrangement called Luleå on ice. It’s a family day on the ice in the southern harbor which was held for the second time.

Luleå on ice by Helen Thalen

It was a nice event with a lot of activities. A lot of people and dogs was out in the glorious weather.

One of the things that were offered were sledding, curling, ice fishing, team competition in snowball fight and more. Then of course there was food to buy and grills spread a lovely scent of the area.

My husband and son tried to ride one Fatbike. There are bikes with super thick tires with studs. If I understand it right, they are specially designed to be able bikes on ice, snow, sand and other heavy rode basis.

Nova was vry busy trying to keep track of everything that happened. Dog teams was very interesting to watch.

We went on the fine rink that meander across the ice around the central Luleå out to Gråsjälören. The ice track is provided with a “snow pavement” so one can walk without problems. When the flag is hoisted on the island you know that sales of waffles is open. This day, they sold a lot of waffles to all visitors.

Me and my husband stayed at a hotel during the weekend and when evening came, I can say that we had two tired dogs. Especially little Nova who have not learned to sort among all impression yet. She slept like a log all night after this day.

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