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Sometimes I have wondered if there is something wrong with me that never seem to get enough of me time, that I might enjoy too much of being yourself. Sure, I love to spend time with my family and my friends, but it is when I am myself that I thought the batteries and draws energy. When the children were small it felt sometimes like I wanted to crawl out of my own skin to get a moment to myself.

Despite this, I have not until this summer have realized that I am an introvert and I discovered after reading the book “Self – the power of proper time” by Linus Jonkman (Forum publishing). He also wrote the hit “Introvert – the quiet revolution. (Only in Swedish so far)”

Characteristics of an introvert

Many imagine that an introvert person to be shy and do not like people but it’s not right, Shyness has nothing to do with introversion. What really characterizes an introverted person is that they are people who get energy when they are alone.

After reading more about the characteristics of an introvert so I got stuck especially for some things also shatter the myths about how an introvert to be. I think it is these myths and show that made that I never thought of myself as an introvert until now.

Alone is never boring

One of the most distinguishing features of introverts is that they need time alone, to charge the batteries and to give them energy. An introvert will never get bored of spending a day all by herself, it’s just nice.

This is what Linus Jonkman write about how me-time are:
“Me-time is the art of enjoy their own company. It is the ability to contentedly lying on your back and decipher clouds in silence. Me-time is a platform for daydreams, ruminations, creativity, and analysis without socializing. Me-time is the art of thinking for yourself without being stained by external noise and social group pressure. Though mainly self-activities a sense. A feeling that makes its own moments becomes pleasure and self-operations will be a source from which we pick the best of ideas. “

However, it is a myth that introverts always want to be alone, an introvert can feel very alone if it has any at all to share his thoughts with. Some really good friends enough that you should be satisfied.


Do not like small talk

A false myth is that introverts do not like to talk to people. In contrast, introverted don’t talk unless they have something to say. Deep discussions are also somewhat an introvert can engage in but small talk feels totally useless.

A long time ago I made up a saying which defined myself as follows: “If you don’t have any meaningful to say so shut up.” Now I can see that it came out of my introverted disposition.

Introverted people have a “shell” while extroverted people are always themselves

To an extrovert person is always itself was something new for me. To be yourself all the time is both good and bad, if an extrovert person has a bad day, you notice it. They are themselves and can not be anything else, whether they are happy, acidic or irritated.

An introvert person has however two personalities, one public and one private. An introvert puts on her public persona, his shell, when socializing with other people and is not quite himself. It also makes an introvert becomes tired and worn out when hanging out with people for long periods of time. If, for ex. have guests who stay several days, then it is hard to be “on” all the time.

To be on stage is no problem for an introvert

An introvert person has no major problems to stand on a stage or a lecture than an extrovert person. The difference is that an introverted person does not like to mingle after the performance. I myself have had some educations, including for several of the Swedish church congregations in the community and there were no major problems but when I was finished, I wanted to get away from there as soon as possible.

Introverts are easily distracted

It never occurred to me that introversion and distraction would have connection. As an introvert are you more sensitive to impressions and in crowds you will be overwhelmed by the impression because you are more sensitive to them. An introvert reflect unconsciously over facial appearance, body language, tone of voice, etc. and you take in more of what happens around than an extrovert.

As an introvert you like to work in solitude, it explains why I easily get stressed and unfocused in the open office environment at work. Sometimes when workmates talk and move a lot, I get the urge to shout “sit still and shut up.” To try to shut out any disturbing impression I most of the time sit with my headset on in order to be able to work concentrated.


In the mind there is always an monologues going on

Introverts thinks a lots, there takes place daydreams, problem solving and ideas, but there are also ongoing monologues. As soon as you do not have anything else that takes attention there is always happening stuff inside your head.

Extrovert tend to not always think before they speak but introverted thinking a lot before anything comes out of their mouth. In my mind, it can go on long imaginary conversations, lectures, planning how to answer questions or what to say when I get a phone calls.

När något inplanerat blivit inställda är det bara skönt

Om någon planerad aktivitet blir inställd känner man sig enbart lättnad, då fick man mer tid att pyssla för sig själv, läsa en bok, kolla internet eller något annat. Härligt!!

It is just nice when something planned is canceled

If any planned activity is canceled, you feel only relief, then you got more time for yourself, read a book, check the Internet or otherwise. Great!!


I’m not a good writer so I have spent the whole weekend to writing this post and today I shoot the images to it so this will be my contribution to Weekendpictures this time.

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