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Forest walk in moose hunting season

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The moose hunting season have started, but in the village I live in, they hunt only on weekends, it’s not a big hunting area and they usually get to shoot their share during the first part of the hunt. Since husband is hunting, I have full control of when they finished hunting for the day and when they were done today I took the opportunity to take a lovely walk.


We live at the foot of a mountain so should you out in the woods, you always have a sweaty first part before coming up a bit. It is so nice to walk through the forest in the company of my little dog girl, it was one of the reasons that I wanted a dog. Sally also loves these walks when she can roam freely, eat blueberries and smell all the excitement.


We always find something new on our hikes. Who stacked this heavy boulders in this way?


The goal of today’s walk was a small part of the woods that I like, near a bog it is growing birch trees, quite small, sweet birches. The common forest type is otherwise pine and fir so this part feels special, almost like a mountain forest or some other exotic. I wanted to check how far the fall has arrived, the leaves begin to turn yellow but I’ll try to come back when all the leaves are yellow, it’s so beautiful.


The sun peeked out just when we arrived.


Then we went further up to the top of the mountain, where we took a break and sat and gazed for a moment.


Billaberget across the valley.


– But mum, now I’m tired. Are we going to go soon.

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