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In order to develop your creativity and try something outside your usual style a challenge can be helpful. We in the design team at Hobbyworld has this week challenged each other so we have to get outside our usual box. Of Tettiz I got the challenge to create something romantic in pastel colors, but without paint and smudges, and preferably with flowers and bling.

I’ll finally try to make a scrapbooking album with the photos from our wedding, I discovered a while ago that the photos start to fall out of the album I once did. The glue has dried and is now releasing everything and all photos rages out when you open the album. To the challenge and the new wedding album, I have created a romantic layout in a predominantly pink.

Romantisk layout

I had to look for a while among my patterned paper to find a romantic paper in pastel colors.

I made some custom roses using paper and retro punches, I don’t have so much romantic, delicate flowers either.


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