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Nya pysselrummet är färdigt

I am so happy that my craftroom is ready!

The room was formerly our youngest son’s but then he moved to Luleå and got his own apartment after Christmas, it was time to redo the room. When he is at home, there is room for him in the guest room.

The new craftroom is ready

The room is not big but after some thinking and fixing we got it very well. The walls were white and the pine floor was sanded and tilted so it became brighter. I made the curtain myself and on Wednesday I show how I did it at Hobbiesworld.

The craftroom

The most important part of the room is the desk which is quite large and the right part has also extra depth and gives me plenty of space to spread out the project that I am currently doing.

Craftroom shelves

On the wall by the sloping roof we did shelves customized by the roof, in the boxes on the first shelf I keep dies, embossing folders and other accessories to my BigShot. On the pedestal at left stands a Silhouette Cameo.

Craftroom, stickers storage

Under the bottom shelf we bolted a metal rod and on this hangs all my narrow stickers alphas.

Above the wide part of the desk, there is a mixture of different shelf storage which is fantastic. On the top shelf I keep decorations and materials that I do not use so often, on the second shelf from the top I keep all the flowers, in the white cans are all kinds of flowers and in the glass jars are roses and rose buds.

pysselrummet, väggförvaring

Craftroom, rod storage

On two rods hangs cans, two baskets and a large metal box where I have storage for brushes, tools, pens, spray paint and in the larger jar stickers in smaller format. The rods and accessories are purchased at IKEA’s kitchen department.

Craftroom, paint storage

On the frame shelving is space for paint cans, different color medium and more spray paints. On the desk is a small box for more color and in the mini bureau space for various small materials like flairs, buttons and other.

Craftroom, book shelves

Next to the desk is it spot for a Kallax-shelf for binders, cardstock and more.

A bed in the craftroom

Next to the door there is still a bed.

Paper storage in hanging folders and PL card in Raskog

Under the sloping roof, it is partition between the rafters and there is it room for my trolley with hanging folders storing all of patterned paper. In the gray trolley, Raskog from IKEA, I have all the PL-cards and in the cans on the sides adhesive products and tools.

It is amazingly great to finally have a place for all my craft supplies and somewhere to scrapbook and do different type of crafting and no one is disturbed by it. I have tried to organize all my stuff but there are still things to fix, but I will do the final work when I figured out how I want it. It might turn up more pictures of how I organized and keep different materials.

More weekend pictures can be found here.

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