Built-in spikes – a luxuary

Last week’s weather consisted of thaw with temperatures above freezing and a lot of rain. The beautiful, white winter landscape has been transformed into a reasonably wide but ice content landscape. All roads and trails are covered with ice and the snow that remains is hard and boring. Most roads and walkways are graveled quite well and closer to the sea, most of the snow has disappeared completely but where we live it is a whole lot of ice left, the road to our house is a lumpy ice rink as you can see in the picture below.

inbyggda broddar, röda Icebug-kängor

Last year on my birthday I got a pair of boots with built sprikes of my husband and it is one of the best things I have got.


When walking the path and it looks like this, these boots are great, it feels luxurious to be able to walk safely despite the substrate. Here I had some luck that there was little snow along the edges where it was a little easier to walk.


The ice is tough but can also be beautiful, here the sun shines through a piece of thin ice.

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