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Since our youngest son got his own student flat in February this year, he has been in looking for a world map to hang on a wall but he has not found anyone that he liked. When he came home in the early summer and saw the canvas I previously had done with a world map, which you can see here, he wanted a similar but bigger and in other colors. He bought a large canvas measuring 70 x 100 cm and decided that he wanted  green and blue colors for the painting I started with it. He was pleased with the results and took the painting with him when he went back to Luleå a few weeks ago.

World map on canvas in blue and green made with Silhouette Cameo and Martha Stewarts acrylic paint.

I also show this paiting at Hobbyworld today and how I did the first canvas you can see here.

World map on canvas - Europe

For this world map on canvas I have used acrylic colors from Martha Stewart Craft that have become some of my favorites with their nice colors

World map on canvas - Australia and Asia

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