The Miss on the Rock

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As a member in the craft association HighCoastScrap you have the opportunity to participate in monthly challenges with nice prices that raffled among the contributions. During October, the challenge was “free creation” which was very nice for a change. This layout titled “Miss on the Rock”, was my contribution. During the month crafting reunion that took place on Tuesday night were the winners were selected by lottery

The layout became colorful despite the dark background.

The flags I’ve made of washi tape that I taped together and clipped to the pennants.

I have started a subscription on decoration kit from Freckled Fawn that are sent every month and the little “rubber button” was included in one of the two kits I have received so far. Even the red oval frame that I put on the photo was included in the same kit. WhenI buy patterned paper, I would like to see before, and there is often a good choice in the stores I usually shop in, but I think it’s more difficult to combine matching decorations. Therefore, it fits me well right now to buy the kit and so far I’m very happy with what I got.

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