Sally – Swedish Dog Show Champion

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Yesterday, on Saturday was my husband and Sally to Umeå and competed in search and it went so well that they were promoted to high class. Because Sally already has three CAC from dog shows, it means that she now can title herself Swedish Dog Show Champion! Wonderful!

After the competition she found a fantastic cozy (?!?) mire to take a dip in, that’s why she came home in this fine condition. She smelled furthermore worse than I’ve ever  felt before, she was still stinking after she showered several times. But who cares, when she was so incredibly good at the competition yesterday :).


Today the weather is terrific and I chose on purpose to take a long walk by the sea, so Sally could swim a lot and the last smell might disappear. My husband came along and we went in Skule National Park to Tärnättholmarna. What we did not know was that there are national parks Day today, why all the visitors of the park were offer “kolbullar” (it’s a kind of pancake with bacon made over open fire) at the entrance to the national park which was amazing nice.

Back home, Sally are odorless and totally decked by for this lovely weekend!

Fler helgbilder hittar du här.

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