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For my new craftroom I wanted to have a personal curtain and chose to print text on a white roman blind. The white curtain I bought cheap but you can also sew your own of an old sheet or something else. I will show I did I the print on the curtain with the help of the machine Silhouette Cameo, vinyl and Silhouette’s fabric paint.

This is how I printed on the curtain

I use vinyl to this project, and then you can choose a wider format than 12 inches, set the desired width in the Design Page Settings. Don’t forget to change the settings at the Cutting Mat to None.


Then we have to make a design, or use a prepared file from Silhouettes online store, I made my own with different fonts and little decor. However, I must admit that the dotted line was not cut out in a good way so in the end I had to paint a dashed line with a thin brush on the curtain.

färdig fil2

Once the design is complete, it’s time to cut out the vinyl. Under Settings, select Vinyl, change the blade setting, load the vinyl without cutting mat in the Cameo and then cut out the design. Please do a test before you cut out the whole design, it’s usually a good idea.


When the vinyl is cut, it’s time to clean out anything that is cut because the vinyl will be used as a stencil.

Since I had many small parts on my cut out vinyl, I chose to use the transfer paper, it’s easier when you get all the pieces together at once. If you have a simpler design, you can do without. Do you use transfer paper, remove the backing paper on the transfer paper and paste it over the cut-out design. Then gently remove the backing paper on the vinyl so the whole vinyl sitting on transfer paper.

transfer papper

Iron the curtain before putting out the design where you want it and put something under the curtain where the print will be placed, a newspaper or a piece of cardboard. The fabric ink goes through the fabric and can damage the surface otherwise. Then put the design on the fabric and gently move it around until you feel satisfied with the placement. Then rub the vinyl on the fabric and remove the transfer paper carefully.

vinyl på plats

When the vinyl is in place it is time to pick out the color. I mixed a gray color in a small bowl with black and white fabric ink and you have to use a sponge to apply the paint on the curtain. The color applies to the fabric with the sponge until the whole design is covered with paint.


Then let the paint dry completely, at least 20 minutes but preferably longer, before removing the vinyl. To get the paint to adhere permanently you iron the curtain on the back of the fabric.


Now just to hang the finished curtains in the window.

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