Christmas decorated entrance

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This time of year it’s fun to arrange a cozy, welcoming environment around you. It’s also nice to be greeted by a nice and snug Christmas decorated entrance even when summer is over and all the flowers have wilted.

I have this year made a new standing sign with a Merry Christmas greeting standing outside the door. It’s made of a board that I first painted white, the text I cut out in adhesive vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo. I stuck the letters on the board and then painted over with black paint. Before the paint was dry, I pulled off the vinyl letters so the white below became visible, it had crawled a little black paint over the letters in a few places but I fixed it with more white paint. When all the paint dried I sanded a bit around the edges and elsewhere for a worn look on the sign.

The sign is in an old milk pail, where it stands steadily. In a zinc bucket, I have put some birch trunks and some Christmas decorations, that’s fine with the fresh, bright color of birch. The votives I made of tin cans, which almost looks like birch trunks and a little more rosty than when they were freshly made, is in an old cast iron skillet in front of it all.

This is how it look at our entrance right now, very green with conifers but also old twigs, an old childrens wheelbarrow and the wreath on the door, you better see it better here.

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