Childhood memories

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For more than 10 years ago, when I had not been doing scrapbooking for too long, I wanted to scrap something to give to my parents for Christmas. Somewhere on the internet I found an idea that I jumped at.

I bought two notebooks, one for each of my parents, I decorated them a little. The idea was that in these books they would write their childhood memories. To make it a little easier, they each also got a nice glass jar filled with little notes I curled. On the small notes I wrote different things, like for example. “What did you like to play when you were a child?”, “What was your favorite food?”, “How did it look in your home when you were a child?”, “How was school?” etc..

When my parents got these presents they liked the idea, but the years went by and I thought they were either completely forgotten it or had thrown it all because they thought it was frivolous. A few weeks ago my father came to me with the book that my mom got and they had comblited it. I was so happy, even though she had not written so many pages.

My mother has suffered from dementia and she quickly becomes worse, this makes this notebook with her ??memories so incredibly valuable.

When I read the poem on the front of my mother’s notebook, I can not help but cry. For with my mom sneaks no memories into the head, with her sneaks memories away, away forever, even though she continues to be among us. She herself is aware that she is sick and get very sad sometimes and my heart burst when I see her suffer.

This small notebook with mom’s handwriting and parts of her childhood is a treasure that I will fondly cherish.

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