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How am I?

I am a ordinary woman in the middle of my life living in the countryside outside Örnsköldsvik in the beautiful area of ​​Sweden called the High Coast with my husband and our two dogs.

Here on my blog I show some of what interests and inspires me. A lot is about photography and creative creation of different kinds. Everything i love is, among other things, the work that i love. scrapbooking, project life, mixed media, I paint a few paintings and devote myself to crafts and crafts of various kinds. When I come up with something fun that I can learn more so can the occasional tutorial pop up.

I created this blog to keep my own projects going, to develop and maybe spread some inspiration to others.

I am a graphic designer working with web design at a local IT company, CoreIT, where this website is also located. If you need a website, don’t hesitate to contact CoreIT and I can help you with that.

Besides being creative, I’m out in nature with our dogs. Then I hike, go cross-country skiing, geocaches or paddlestand-up board, SUP, if it is reasonably warm. Nature is my place for inspiration, recreation, training and joy.

If you want to get in touch with me you can find my on various social media or send me an email to