Vågön a sunny Sunday

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I got real scared at the beginning of the weekend when on Friday morning I could not get out of bed because I had such a terrible dizziness. When I finally had to take me to the toilet my head spun so bad that if I had food in the stomach it had come up and the cold sweat ran along the entire body. It was really awful and the only option was to lie down and after a some hours it stopped spinning but the nausea persisted throughout the day. When my husband came home from work and after he talked to his colleagues about my condition and Googled he believes it could come from stress. He knows that I find it hard to sit still without doing anything at all and that I even hasten to dine food so that I’ll have time to do all things I thought of during the evenings and weekends. It does not matter what I do is great fun, it can still create stress.

Over the weekend, I have tried to thoroughly think over how I live and what I should prioritize and what I will try to have a more relaxed relationship to. What I eg come up with is that there should be no compulsion to blog every weekend with photographs from the weekend, I should not feel compelled to exercise so many times a week as I do right now. If I have energy and desire I can excercise but if I am worn out, I can rest a few days. Crafts and training with Sally should just be fun and not something I must do. Now the challenge is to try to remember this and not fall back into old habits.

Båtar på Vågön

After the shaky start to the weekend, it was great to go with my sister and her man in their boat to Vågön, an island in our beautiful archipelago. The weather was incredible and the ocean always makes me relaxed and calm. Many people took the opportunity to be out this beautiful weekend but there was still plenty of room for everyone.


The mermaid Sally stationed herselves in the sea and stood there all day except when she jumped around when someone threw a stick or swam.

Trött Sally


When we packed up and went home, she was so tired that she sat and slept, after a moment she lay down in the boat and slept all the way home.

More weekend pictures can be found here.

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