Twisted card with tutorial

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Today I show how to make a twisted card at Hobbyworld, you’ll find the post here.

Here is how you do a twisted card!

Cut a piece of cardstock at 30,50 cm x 10,50 cm.

HelenTh_Vridet kort 1b

Score the paper diagonally.

HelenTh_Vridet kort 2b

Crease the fold

HelenTh_Vridet kort 3b

Make another score across the paper in half to make a card with even sides and fold it.

HelenTh_Vridet kort 4b

That’s it! Decorate with patterned paper.

HelenTh_Vridet kort 5b

On the inside, it becomes a small pocket where you possible can stick down a gift, for example money, movie tickets, gift certificates or other.



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