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After my mother passed away in August last year, we made a slideshow of pictures for the memorial service. It was a journey through the archives of memories and dad also contributed with pictures of mom as young. After the funeral, I wanted to do something with all the pictures we found and scanned.

Now that I’m a scrapbooker, I decided to scrapbooking some of the pictures and making a special album with pictures of my parents. Then I will have a nice album that I can flip through and remember and also show someone who is interested. Probably I also will show most of the pages here in the blog, at least the ones that I feel happy with.

This is how the first layout of mom turned out, surrounded by her grandchildren on a Mother’s Day about 10 years ago.

Lasting Memories

When I’m doing some scrapbooking, it’s fun to be able to participate in a challenge. I found a funny one at Lasting Memories where they publish a word every week, and then you should use something on your subject for each letter of the word; a product, a shape, color or something else.

My layout is created to challenge with the word FLOWER  and I have interpreted the challenge like this:

F = Flowers
L = Love
O = Oval
W = White background
E = Enamel accent
R = Round

Flowers in blue, green and pink and the dots are made with Enamel Accent.

An oval with a quote on the right side.

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