Play walk in the woods

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Amazing what snow can make life so much more fun! When then the dogs got a play walk with the neighbors’ poodle the luck was complete.

Lekpromenad av Helen Thalen

It was a few weeks ago Nova got to play with the poodle Hero. The icy conditions we have had in recent weeks made it dangerous to run around and play for the dogs. Yesterday they finally meet during a walk in the woods above us. Sally was also with us but Nova and Hero play best together. Hero is a month younger than Nova and a fun friend.

The soft fresh snow was lovely to run in and soft falling around in.

Nova and reggae man Hero

In the picture with all the snow that felted together the coat Hero looks almost like a reggae man with dreadlocks.

In the beautiful weather and the sparkling snow we got some nice pictures.

Nova with full focus on the photographer.

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