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Today I intend to make a post as a contribution to two challenges. One at Gems Weekly Photochallenge where the theme is The Road. The other challenge is Bloggers Sunday Walk at Vilt og Vakkert.

As a dog owner I take walks every day but as the weather has been the last week it has been difficult. The heat has been unbearable with class 1 warning for heat. We currently have a small puppy that should not go for walks at all but for Nova to get some exercise I have set the clock at 06.00 and went for a walk with just her and also today. We went our usual everyday round which is about 3.6 km and I thought you would join us today.

The walk began with a few hundred meters along the main road before turning off down towards the lake Själevadfjärden. The first picture shows the wonderful view at the top of the hill.

About halfway down towards the lake is a railway that is not very busy, which is nice. When we pass it we turn left. The road follows the railway embankment in addition to a turn past a brook gorge.

I really love the changing of the seasons and how the colors change. In the beginning of summer it’s overflowing with bright pastel colors which are a pleasure for the soul after the colorless winter. Now during late summer the colors are much more musty and you see more darker green, yellow, purple and some white.

Further on, the road turns from the railway, straight down to the lake. Here you walk between fences that fence a pine cone cultivation. The pines stand in rows and during the autumn the workers pick the cones from the trees which will later be used for growing new pines

After the next turn the road goes along the beach.

A little further on is our cottage. Unfortunately, it is not finished, it is just a shell with a building chaos indoors. This is one of Nova’s favorite places so of course we took a break here.

This is our dock.

The view from the dock to the southeast ….

… and to northwest.

After Nova jumped off the dock a few times and was really wet and cooled down we went on. Just beyond our cottage the road ends and a path lined with Fireweed start.

When we have passed the field, a new dirt road begins and turns back up towards the railway.

As we pass the railway start uphill towards the road.

In the end, you are up and at the second lamppost is the driveway to our house. Despite the early hour, I was soaked with sweat and it was nice to get into the slightly cooler house.

A stone in close-up

For Bloggers Sunday Walk, you should also show a close-up of a stone that you like. I have a shell and stone collection in our outdoor room so it was easy to just pick one from there.

This was my first contribution to Bloggers Sunday Walk but hopefully not the last.

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