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Today I show a layout I made with a photo of my dad and mom where our cat Sigge has crept up behind them on the kitchen sofa. My mother is very fond of the cat that is happy in her lap and cuddle with anyone who sits still for a moment. I also show the LO at Swe Scrapbook where there is a new sketch challenge today.

Pappa och mamma av Helens Color Life

A couple of years before my mother turned 70, she suffered from dementia and has this autumn lived with other demented people in an retirement home for two years. According to the medical examination she did when she became bad, she has some part Alzheimer’s and also other dementias, when I read about her symptoms, I am almost sure that she also has some vascular dementia. When I compare my mother’s condition with others who have Alzheimer’s my mother’symptoms is a bit differently. Mom has so far no problems with speech and she is quite clear in her mind, but her body has deteriorated very much in the past year. She has great difficulty to walk and often has a sore back and hips, sometimes she don’t manages to get out of her bed on her own and the staff are inside her room at night when it is at its worst.

I’m so incredibly happy that mom has dad and they still love each other, he is a big support and joy for her.

Mum and dad - details - by Helens Color Life

Some closeups on the layout.

Mum and dad - details 3 - by Helens Color Life

Dad and mom - details 2 - by Helens Color Life

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