Kick skating in the sunshine

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During the last week, I could not fail to see that it’s a pretty good conditions to go kick skating right now, but not on the walkway past us. The snow clearers do their job so a properly so they scratched up asphalt and gravel here and there which means that it takes a grinding halt if you go kick skating. When the weekend started with a free Friday, sunshine and 8 degrees (Celsius) below zero, it became too much. I wanted to go out and kick skating!


In order to get a good ride I loaded the kick sled in our minivan and went to the forest road that goes to Västeralnö fäbodar and started kicking with a happy dog as a companion. The road to the huts are most upward in the 4 km distance so pretty soon I was sweaty and breathless but the conditions was perfect and the weather beautiful so I enjoyed the exercise.

Västeralnö 1

The sun is still low in the sky in January but it shines through the trees here and there.

Västeralnö fabodar

Once at the huts in Västeralnö the sun shone in all its splendor and the snow sparkled and glittered.

When we turned back toward the car, we had downhill almost all the way and I had a much easier ride. Sometimes I hade so high speed that Sally had to make maximum efforts to keep up with the speed. At times almost scary fast but wonderful fun! Kick skating is great! Once at home, I had a tired and happy dog and a happy and peaceful mind. Wonderful that so little can do so much to get the mood on top!

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