Christmas ornaments in white clay

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To get new look at this year’s Christmas tree I have both remake some old Christmas ornaments but I have also done some completely new decorations. After inspiration from Pinterest I got the idea to make Christmas ornaments in white clay.

I bought this clay at Panduro that dries in the air and is completely white. It is very easy to work with and easy to roll out. First, I made patterns in the clay with various stamps with the designs of snowflakes.

I used some common cookie cutters to punch out shapes of hearts, stars and circles and made small holes with a straw for hanging cords.

I did some circles completely smooth and with the help of one of these cutters  also from Panduro, I made heart-shaped holes in the circles.

Av leran jag köpte blev det rätt många dekorationer så några slog jag in i ett litet paket som blir en julklapp till någon.

I freehand cut out the houses with a sharp knife and used punch to make small heart-shaped hole even in them. They becam sweet and looks good in the Christmas tree.

It became many decoration of the clay I bought so I put some into a small package that will be a Christmas gift to someone


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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