18 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

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It is now just a few days until Christmas and we are in the midst of my favorite season! I have woundered why Christmas is so special to me and I got at least 18 reasons why I love Christmas.

1. The pleasure of decorating the house for Christmas. I think it’s so much fun to find new ideas and to decorate the house a little bit different from year to year. I don’t really like to decorate with Santa’s and red stuff, but it still gets very cosy and Christmas like.

2. The flashing, shimmering splendor of Christmas lights. Whether it is a strings of lights that glow from inside of an old glass blottle or those that lit the city’s streets and squares.

3. The varied color palette that December offers. From the magic, a little eerie white, gray and ice blue colors outdoors to the brilliant red and pine green colors indoors.

4. I can never get enough of Christmas Crafts. Every year I am dedicated to different crafts projects. Often I create something new that can decorate the house. Sometimes I have a wonderful idea for Christmas gifts or maybe a new painting.

5. Christmas flowers is also something to look forward to. The wonderfully fragrant hyacinths, amaryllis, poinsettias, Christmas roses and other beauties is lovely at Christmas.

6. To listen to Christmas music. I want to play both classic Christmas songs but also new Christmas songs in December. To discovering and each year extend my playlist with Christmas music is wonderful. This year is my favorites Pentatonix Christmas music. They sing acapella absolutely incredibly!

7. During Advent, I like go to church at least once. To along with others sing the Christmas hymns and be reminded of why we celebrate Christmas is a great joy.

8. Christmas sweets. Making Christmas sweets has almost replaced baking for me and every year it becomes more varieties. It’s fun to try new recipes and I have to do old favorites to. I then have to hide the Christmas candy if there’ll be anything left on Christmas Eve.

9. Buying the perfect Christmas gifts! For me it’s twice as fun to give Christmas gifts as it is to get them. It is a true joy to see the surprise in someone’s face when you found something that they will love but do not come in to wish

10. The Christmas tree! We have our own forests so we always have a real spruce. Every autumn I walk around in the woods, trying to find the perfect Christmas tree. About a week before Christmas, I go out and cut it down and carry it home. Sometimes I get help from one of our sons but I often do it myself. To wake up on Christmas morning, go down the stairs and greeted by the lit Christmas tree and a fresh clean house, that is my favorite time of the year!

11. Hot chocolate. There is no way I can hold back on calories this time of year so I might as well drink large cups of hot chocolate. Ideally, topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and a candy cane. Yum!!

12. Christmas food is also amazing and something to look forward to during rest of the year. Especially the dishes that you don’t eat otherwise. After the festive period, it is wonderful to open the refrigerator and it’s full of remnants that you can take a bit of when you get hungry.

13. The special scents this season is very associated with Christmas. The scent of cinnamon, hyacinths, Oranges, Christmas tree and mulled spiced wine.

14. Family and friendship. I love that you find more occasions when you can be together during the Christmas season. Everything from Advent fika, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, Lucia and the Christmas days. You often do more things together this season.

15. Visit a Christmas market. It is always so nice and an it brings opportunities to buy some goodies and maybe some Christmas present.

16. Cuddle under a soft blanket and watching old Christmas movies that you never get tired of. There can hardly be any cozier.

17. A little extra time off after a dark, long autumn is nice. A break in everyday life with some relaxing days where I can gather strength for the new year.

18. Remember to be grateful for everything that I have. Sometimes it can be tougher times, but I’m very blessed. I live in a safe country, have roof over my head, food in my stomach, I am healthy and have people around who love me. I can not think of anything I want or need in the world more than those things.

These are some of the reasons that best captures why I love Christmas, the joy of counting down to Christmas and the satisfaction that comes from celebrating this wonderful time of year.

I wish you a Very Merry Christmas! I hope it will be full of all the things you love!

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